Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Many hidden talents of Ukrainian MPs

Activists of Maidan.org.ua continue their campaign against Ukrainian MPs persistently voting on behalf of their absent colleagues. This time they have came up with a proposal to submit the Parliament of Ukraine and individual MPs for the Guinness World Records consideration in the following categories: "Parliament whose members voted for most absent colleagues during one vote" and "Member of Parliament who voted for most absent colleagues during one vote". To sign the appeal, go here.

A Ukrainian version of this video can be accessed here.
Some GV coverage of the issue is here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anti-revolution propaganda, Belarusian style

Lately it's been really interesting to follow developments on Belarusian segment of Internet. At this point, I'd like to share a few pretty good (and 'supposedly' user generated) videos created to discourage protests in the country. I assume the trigger was provided by the activities of the Revolution through the social network Vkontakte group and weekly 'silent protests' during which many people were arrested in Minsk and elsewhere across the country. (See some of GV coverage here and here).

(Thanks to Vilhelm Konnander for sharing!)

I can't recall such videos being circulated prior to or during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. This, however, is NOT to imply that current situation in Belarus can be compared to events that took place here in 2004...